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The venue was the Sir John Warren on Ilkeston Market Place on 26th June 2004 from 7:30 pm onwards.  All thanks go to Joyce Richardson for her hard work which made it all happen.

Terry Meakin's Comments:

My second reunion and well worth attending - not so many from my year, though there were a few who weren't at the previous reunion - it was good to see some old faces, no pun intended.

Joyce's Comments:

I've organised and attended two reunions now and although they've both been pretty hard work, seeing everyone together made it all worthwhile Anyone who hasn't attended a school reunion doesn't know what they're missing, It's a surreal experience! I can't believe how tired or drunk I look on the recent reunion photos though! Any chance of getting them air-brushed Terry?? Despite popular opinion, my school years weren't my happiest, nevertheless, it was still fantastic meeting up with old friends and it's been especially nice to hear the success stories. Special thanks to Terry for a great website.