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Okay, so now you've seen the site and want to contribute to it I hope.  The first and easiest way is - send me the names of people in the pictures that I've missed.  I apologise to those people but it has been a long time and I didn't know everyones names to start with.

The next way is to send me an email with your pictures attached, tell me the title for the picture if you want one (perhaps the names of those on it?), and any comment you would like to see on the site. The title will appear when the mouse pointer is rested on the thumbnail picture.

Alternatively, if you did not take any pictures but still want to post comments, send them to me in an email and I will include them in the relevant page.

I suggest that the pictures you send should be jpg format and a file size of about 70Kb, but don't worry about it if they're not, I'll sort out both the pictures and the thumbnails for you.

Finally, the site is not limited to the reunions I attend, if you want to use this site to share your own reunions with your friends contact me and I'll be only too happy to help.