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Martyn Slater
Bremen, Germany
Posted on Saturday, 03 November 2012 10:05
Just found the website, great memories of Grammar, great to see the reunion pictures of the star footballers like Dick Smith, Clive Ball and Westy, great times were had on the 'playing fields of Ilkeston'.

Helen Reilly (nee Thompson)
Falmouth, Cornwall
Posted on Thursday, 09 August 2012 19:28
Was there from 1969-76 and loved it. As a deputy Head of a Sixth Form my students are always amazed when I use examples of what we got up to in the sixth form at Ilson Grammar. Compared with us they have no imagination!!!Smile


Posted on Saturday, 17 December 2011 17:57
"Have You Been Framed"
at King George Gallery. (Old School Hall),
Ormiston Academy. (New name of I.G.S.) 17th Jan.2012, 5.30 to 7.00 p.m.
Ex Students and Staff come and see items collected so far.


Posted on Sunday, 25 September 2011 15:35
Enjoyed Memorabilia Exhibition on 20th Sept. 2011, organised by K Le Provost. Would have been better with more people there. Looking forward to seeing refurbished Hall.

Ivan Sanders
Woodford, Kettering
Posted on Monday, 16 May 2011 10:00
A big thanks to Sue Lawrence and Kate Keightley for the absolutely splendid re-union which we all thoroughly enjoyed on 14/05/2011! P.S. Ivon - Do you remember we lived a few doors away from each other in Dale Rd., Stanton by Dale? (Please say "Hello" to your bro. Vivienne). You were younger than me and I joined the school in '62. How come you joined in '61? On the smokes? Biggrin

Ivon Strawn
Posted on Saturday, 05 February 2011 12:12 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Biggrin I've just found this site. I was at IGS from 1961-1969 when Larry Cox was the headmaster. Think I recognise a couple of names here and I will check in regularly. Best wishes to all you ex IGS people (-:

Gary Halford
Amherstburg Canada
Posted on Thursday, 20 January 2011 00:36 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Just found the website it was great looking at the 2004 reunion and see so many faces I remember especially Babara and Pete those were great times except when you actually had to attend classes

Ivan Sanders
Woodford, Kettering
Posted on Monday, 10 January 2011 20:23 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
I enjoyed the 2010 re-union but would have loved to have seen more ex-pupils attend. As well as a few old classmates I was delighted to re-unite with Arthur Brown my former P.E. teacher. I suspect that he was as disappointed as I was to see relatively new developments on our hollowed sports' fields! To find out about further re-unions simply register your interest with the school secretary and she will keep you posted. I still dream of being showed round the school. Maybe next time? Best wishes to everyone!


Posted on Friday, 26 November 2010 16:30
Was at I.G.S. from 1948 to 1953. Anyone from that era still out there, after we are still comparatively young, only early 70's!

Alan Cockerill-Wright
Posted on Sunday, 14 November 2010 01:59
Great website, I was there from 1971 to 76. Anyone remember the homework books flying off the elderly teachers mini roof. She must have been taking them home to mark them but left them behind. Hi to all that remember me.

Tony Kinney
Posted on Sunday, 07 November 2010 20:08
Attended IGS from 1970-1977 in the days of Sid, Nitter the Fitter, Rosie, Ma Hooper and Noddy. Does anyone remember the alternative version of Labor Omnia Vincit ("fields of science we ignore..."Wink? I think the revised title was "Lads are Omnia Wankin"

Lele Bobeszko (Sanderson)
Alderwasley, Derbys
Posted on Friday, 05 November 2010 19:29
I was an apparently "could do better" (at what, though...!!) student between 1973 and '78. Nice to conjure up memories of standing (dancing from foot-to foot) in cold corridors have been sent out for wanton naughtiness, and also to remember some good young friends.... well, for now, best wishes to you all!!

Richard Slater
Posted on Thursday, 21 October 2010 18:12
Was at Ilkeston Grammar school 1965 to 70. Interested to hear from anyone there at this time


Posted on Monday, 06 September 2010 12:39
Missed the Heritage day.
Would be grateful if any future events could be posted on this site

trevor adams
Posted on Tuesday, 24 August 2010 14:37 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
I went to a Heritage day at the School on 1st July2010 organised by mrs Prevost. Not many attended but it was enjoyable to meet those who ere there and look forward to the next.I hope repairs have been carried out by then..

John Hollis
Posted on Saturday, 19 June 2010 11:10 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
I'm not sure if anyone will be interested but I believe my grandpa, William Henry Hollis was headmaster at your school in the 1920's or 1930's. If anyone can confirm this or has any other information I would be grateful to hear from you at my email addy. Thank you.

Fiona Gilson
Posted on Monday, 31 August 2009 16:24
Sorry to hear about Dick Venning, he used to have "happenings".

Mac Jones
Posted on Tuesday, 07 July 2009 11:03
Hi all. Just passing a moment at the new power station at Staythorpe where I am now employed and decided to Google my old school. Great site, but big brother restrictions at my employer may prevent full use. To those who didn't yet know, Don, my brother passed away in 1993, leaving a widow and two daughters.
Please feel free to contact me as that period of my life at IGS holds many good memories for me

Andy matkin
Bolton, Lancs
Posted on Saturday, 30 May 2009 16:47 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Hi all. My wife was, as usual messing around at work and found this website for me (she was googling my name - god knows what she was trying to find out) Still keep in touch with Andy Caseley and have been trying to find Steve Martin. Good to know that IGS still has a good reputation. Our hard work wasnt for nothing!!!! Would love to know about another reunion if it ever comes off.

David Mills

Posted on Thursday, 12 March 2009 07:05
Hello! I was at IGS from 1951 - 1958 (repeated 5th form). Mr. Hewitson was headmaster and Sarah Fawcett was my first form teacher in 1A. Are David Newbold or Graham Sisson from those years still around? or Sylvia Durow from 6th form? I would love to hear from anybody who remembers that far back.


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